Still alive

I’m still alive just not very active on the air. My work has really taken up a lot of time, especially in the past month or so. I’m working 60+ hours a week currently. But this should end by Christmas. I’m wanting to buy a larger EFHW antenna and mount it on the roof of the shed so perhaps I can cut down on the QRM that’s all over my incoming signal. Hopefully the next two months will slow down a bit for me and I can get back on the air and start catching up on QSL cards too.

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More antennas

I’m thinking about buying a larger end-fed half-wave dipole antenna that uses a 9:1 UNUN, perhaps something like this. I know I could build one myself but right now, I just don’t have the time nor the patience to try to build anything. I’m also going to try to get this mounted on the shed roof using a tripod and a tallish pipe to mount the UNUN on. I’m figuring if I can get some more height on the antenna that might help with the RFI that I’m getting in the received signal. It certainly can’t hurt.

I’m also considering buying a Yaesu FT-891 instead of the FT-857D. I really don’t use VHF/UHF that much and the 891 is considerably cheaper than the 857D. There’s a possibility that I might be moving into an apartment with a friend/possible roommate so the smaller I can keep my shack, the better off it will be for me later on.

It’s supposed to be a little cooler this weekend so Dad and I are hoping to get the door on the shack. If that happens, I’ll be on the air more often with a nice cool air-conditioned shack. Might even bring Felix in with me to hang out in the cool air.

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Cold at last

I bought a small A/C window unit and installed it in the shack this weekend.  Now to get the door installed and I’ll have the walls up on the shack.  It’ll be nice not to melt inside of the shack during these dog days of summer.  I haven’t done much on the air work since propagation has been rotten.  I’ve been looking into changing antennas for when it gets cooler and I will start to get on the air more often.

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Fixed TQSL problems

I had recently upgraded TQSL from 2.0.3 to 2.3.1 and I was getting this odd error:

tqsl: symbol lookup error: tqsl: undefined symbol: tQSL_ImportSerial

After much hair pulling and teeth gnashing, I discovered that I needed to compile TQSL with the “static library” option instead of dynamically generating the library using the “-DTQSLLIB_STATIC=YES” modifier when calling cmake.  Lo and behold, TQSL works fine now.  I had to get a new security certificate since I recently put a fresh install of Slackware 64 14.2 stable on my laptop.  I’ll try this on the shack computer to make sure it works.

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Some activity on the shack

Yesterday my dad and I completed the last wall on my little 8’x8′ shack.  Now I need to finish insulating the walls in the room and putting up drywall.  I need to go under the shed and insulate the floor under my shack so I’ll stay cool in the summer (I’ll be putting in a window A/C unit soon) and warm in the winter.  I am hunting locally for a few old solid doors that I can turn into a workbench and a desk. It is a small room but once I get it organized and get shelving on the walls, I’ll be able to utilize that room just fine.

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Just passing through…

So I decided to turn on the radio and spin the dial around earlier today.  I wound up working Orelvis, CO6LC, by accident.  Glad the radio’s getting out.  Just a lot of local QRM from storms.

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A little activity…

I worked W9IMS tonight on 7.243 and 3.840.  That’s good for me because those QSOs were the first contacts I made on the TS-430S.  The propagation is so bad I didn’t know if anyone would hear me.  Both stations gave me a 59 heading into Indianapolis, Indiana.  There’s a huge line of thunderstorms moving in so lots of static on the bands but I was able to copy both stations just fine.  The audio on the Kenwood is really, really good.

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Adding to the collection

I picked up a Kenwood TS-430S for $275 shipped online tonight.  I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time and the price I couldn’t beat.  It’s being shipped Wednesday so hopefully should get here late this week or early next week.  Now I’ll be able to use the 706 for a “go” radio and start operating out in the sticks more often. 🙂  Here’s a picture of the radio:

That’s from the ad.  I’ll post a picture once I get it set up in my shack.  Really looking forward to the “new” radio: no menus, no computers, just control everything from the front panel.

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Miracles never cease

Last night, I stopped by my post office box to check it at 2 AM.  I was tired, a little cranky, and wasn’t expecting anything.  Instead, when I opened the box, there was a large envelope in it from the ARRL.  I opened it and I was into total shock in a good way!

Let me explain: last year, during the ARRL DX Contest, I was using a 40 meter “hamstick” dipole.  I wasn’t really enthused by the performance but I was bored and thought I’d just see what I could hear.  So I sat down and started working stations all over the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and even a station in the South Cook Islands.  After a few hours, I gave up because conditions were changing and propagation was getting really bad.  I seriously debated not sending in my log . . . but I did anyway.

I promptly forgot all about the contest.

So, imagine my surprise when I get the award last night of not only being my section leader for single-operator, 20 meter class, but my division leader also!  I am in the Delta Division which is Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  I’m proud of myself (in a humble way) for achieving this award.  I  guess I’ll have to work the contests more often.

Here’s a picture of the award.

KD5COL's 2016 ARRL DX Contest Phone Award

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Back on the air

I was able to contact TG9IIN on 21.300 on Sunday.  Even through the S9-level noise floor from some local 60 Hz QRM, Ilias was very clear.  He had a really nice clear signal.  That was an unusual contact for me because I think this is the only time I’ve ever talked on 15 meters in a few years.  I was actually trying to see if my new tuner could work on 15 with the antenna and it can very nicely.

I’m planning on setting up another antenna like the one I have now only using 22 gauge wire to make the wind load on that transformer box a lot less.  I’d like to be able to get up into the mountains where it’s electrically quiet and make some contacts.  I’m thinking about heading up to the Round Knob Picnic Area in the Cherokee National Forest near my home.  (There is no campground there; I don’t know why it’s labeled as such on that map.  There is a large picnic area and then, if you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle or don’t mind a steep walk, there is a primitive picnic area on the top of the knob itself.)  There’s plenty of trees to hang the end of my antenna in though I’ll have to bring a generator for the power.  I think it’d be a great way to spend a morning and early afternoon.

Thankfully there are plenty of places within an hour’s drive that would make for a most excellent operating site in Nature’s splendor.

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