More antennas

I’m thinking about buying a larger end-fed half-wave dipole antenna that uses a 9:1 UNUN, perhaps something like this. I know I could build one myself but right now, I just don’t have the time nor the patience to try to build anything. I’m also going to try to get this mounted on the shed roof using a tripod and a tallish pipe to mount the UNUN on. I’m figuring if I can get some more height on the antenna that might help with the RFI that I’m getting in the received signal. It certainly can’t hurt.

I’m also considering buying a Yaesu FT-891 instead of the FT-857D. I really don’t use VHF/UHF that much and the 891 is considerably cheaper than the 857D. There’s a possibility that I might be moving into an apartment with a friend/possible roommate so the smaller I can keep my shack, the better off it will be for me later on.

It’s supposed to be a little cooler this weekend so Dad and I are hoping to get the door on the shack. If that happens, I’ll be on the air more often with a nice cool air-conditioned shack. Might even bring Felix in with me to hang out in the cool air.


About Sean

I'm Sean KD5COL. I'm an active amateur radio operator and hold my General class license. I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio but my favorite aspects are chasing DX, working special event stations, and building my own wire antennas.
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