New radio

My new Yaesu FT-450D is working nicely. I spent a couple of hours last night getting to know how to operate it. So far, so good. I’d like to get a desk mic or a Heil headset with a footswitch. I’m taking my Yaesu 2 meter rig out of the Pathfinder and will put it in the shack so I’ll have that to use. I’m looking at extending my wire antenna out several feet. It needs to be re-shot into the tree I’m using for the support on the far end. There’s a lot to be done in the shack. A lot of small but important improvements.

The computer should be arriving Wednesday. I’ll set up the serial-to-USB converter and N3FJP’s Field Day logging software. I’m looking at buying LOGic for use in my shack. It’ll be nice to have a fully functional shack! Maybe I can start checking into nets that I’ve been wanting to. I haven’t checked into NORCARS in months … maybe years. Oooh, maybe I’ll finally get caught up on sending out QSL cards and putting my paper logs into the computer!

Well, I probably shouldn’t push my luck that far…

I’m looking forward to Field Day. I might visit a few of the local Field Day operations of various clubs in my area and then head home and run as 1D at night to see what I can get. Should be interesting.


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I'm Sean KD5COL. I'm an active amateur radio operator and hold my Extra class license. I am an ARRL-accredited VE. I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio but my favorite aspects are chasing DX, working special event stations, and building my own wire antennas.
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