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I was talking to one of my co-workers, Kelsey, today at work.  She’s a nice young woman who helps me out occasionally in my daily job functions (I am an IT technician).  Today I was telling her about Field Day and as I started to go into my usual non-ham explanation about FD, she stopped me and said “I know what Field Day is; I’m a ham also.”  Come to find out, she’s also known as KJ4GFJ.  That just about floored me.  It’s one thing to run into another ham but to meet a YL ham these days, for me, is not a daily occurrence.  Her father is KJ4GFI.

I know of a few other co-workers who are interested in becoming hams also.  So I am trying my best to get them excited about the hobby.  I hope I can be a good Elmer to them and help them get their licenses.  I explain to people that ham radio is still a vibrant and interesting hobby even with the world being interconnected via the Internet.

Last night, I worked a SOTA station about 70-80 miles away up on a mountain on 20 meters.  I didn’t think that I could reach someone so close on 20 but I am in a fairly low-lying area and where this ham was at was at around 3000′ or so in elevation.  It was fun nonetheless.  I also sent out a few QSO cards and I ordered a lot of 100 full-color QSO cards from as a little treat for myself.

I registered N3FJP’s amateur radio logging software (well, his entire suite of programs) also.  Now I’m ready to do what I want to do.  I did install Fldigi but I need to get my Signalink working with my FT-450D.

I’m quite happy to be active in ham radio again and I hope this time I’ll stay “radioactive”.


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I'm Sean KD5COL. I'm an active amateur radio operator and hold my Extra class license. I am an ARRL-accredited VE. I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio but my favorite aspects are chasing DX, working special event stations, and building my own wire antennas.
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