The Mosley RV4C

When we moved to our current home in 2015, I stuck the unassembled Mosley under my ham shack.  I pulled it out today and laid everything out:
The antenna is 33 feet tall normally but if you look at the bottom of the antenna (far right in the picture), the base of the antenna is broken off.  Dad had it installed on the roof of their previous home and the old plastic on the base gave way, causing the antenna to fall over.  Right now, I can’t see any way to attach radials properly and the antenna is designed to be mounted on a metal pile at least six feet in the ground so the antenna can be grounded properly.

The last time I called Mosley (which would be probably close to ten years ago now), the base was $50.  I’m going to email them and see what the price is on this part.  If so, I will find the money to get the part and get this antenna set up.  I think that this, for the price, is the way to go for an antenna for now.  Not only that but I can mount this in an out-of-the-way place and put the four 25′ radials I will use in places that aren’t normally disturbed.

More on this as I find out more information on the base.  Would be nice to get it going again.  I paid $125 for this quite some time ago.  You can buy one new from Mosley without the 80 meter coil at the bottom of my antenna for $395.  The coil is at least $100 more.


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I'm Sean KD5COL. I'm an active amateur radio operator and hold my Extra class license. I am an ARRL-accredited VE. I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio but my favorite aspects are chasing DX, working special event stations, and building my own wire antennas.
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