More on the Mosley

I heard back from Mosley about the RV4C.  The base is $24.95 but with $16 shipping and handling.  So it’s going to have to wait for a while before I can get it fixed.  I think this weekend I will try to work on at least getting the antenna put back together by using fine steel wool to clean off all of the electrical contact areas.  I bought stainless steel machine screws to attach the sections together.  It’s going to be a scorcher this Memorial Day weekend: 90F+ temperatures!


About Sean

I'm Sean KD5COL. I'm an active amateur radio operator and hold my Extra class license. I am an ARRL-accredited VE. I enjoy many aspects of amateur radio but my favorite aspects are chasing DX, working special event stations, and building my own wire antennas.
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