Here is a short list of websites that I’ve found to be good resources for information about ham radio. I hope you will be able to find these useful. These sites are listed in no particular order. If you click on a link from here and find that the website is down or the information isn’t there that you’re looking for, please contact me and let me know so I can remove the link from this page. Thanks!

N3FJP Software: This is the software I am using in the shack now under Windows 10.  I registered all of Scott’s software.  I like how ACLog allows me to upload directly to LotW, eQSL, and Clublog immediately after each contact. A good listing of awards we paper chasers can try to get.  Various types of awards are listed here from short-time temporary to permanent awards.

Mosley Electronics: Makers of amateur radio antennas for over 70 years.  I own a 30+ year old RV4C vertical.

ICOM America: I’ve owned an IC-718 and an IC-735.  I currently own and use an IC-706MKII.  I am happy with all of my radios and recommend ICOM to my fellow hams.

Yaesu (Vertex Standard): I use a FT-450D as my main shack radio.  I’ve owned several radios from Yaesu (VX-150, FT-23R).  I have found that Yaesu radios have served me well over the years and continue to do so.

The DX Zone: One of the top sites on the Web to find information about amateur radio. There’s something for everyone on this site and it is updated daily (the site even posts on Facebook when it updates!). I highly recommend this site to any amateur or anyone who’s interested in amateur radio.

QRZ.COM: Again, one of the top sites on the Web for amateur radio operators. Not only does QRZ have the usual forums and “for sale” boards, but QRZ’s callsign lookup system is used by millions of amateur radio operators worldwide to look up one another’s callsigns during contacts (QSOs). Since shut down free (as in not having to have an account and logging in) access to its callsign database, a ham created to fill that void. I use this service myself when I am logging QSOs as do several logging programs.

DX Lab Suite: I highly recommend this suite of freeware Windows software for the active DXer. This has pretty much everything you’d need to integrate your computer with your radio and your ham shack. The author, through his mailing list, offers terrific user support!

TW Software: Linux-based ham radio software written by Ted Williams WA0EIR. He’s written TWPSK, TWLOG, TwHamQTH, TWCLOCK, TWCW, and PSK31LX. I’ve used them extensively in my own shack and they’re great no-frills programs. Ted is quick to help you out if you need his help.

Ham Radio Outlet: One of my favorite places to shop for amateur radio gear.

American Radio Relay League (ARRL): The largest amateur radio club and lobbying force in the US for amateur radio. I’m a member.

Max-Gain Systems: A small company, based out of Marietta, Georgia, that offers some of the best prices on amateur radio parts and pieces, such as UHF connectors that are high quality (made of brass, silver-plated for easy soldering).

CheapQSLs: A great ham-owned business!  This is where I get my QSL cards from.  I like style 115.  I highly recommend them.