My QSL Info

One of my favorite things about ham radio is collecting QSL cards from all over the world. Some might find that antiquated these days with LoTW, eQSL, et cetera, but a QSL card is a tangible reminder of the first time I’ve been able to contact a new country or of a memorable QSO with a fellow ham. Here’s my QSL information:

  • Bureau: I will send all DX QSL cards via bureau if possible. I don’t mind waiting a while to get a QSL card! I tend to let several DX QSL cards collect before I send them off, so it might be a little while before I get them sent off, but usually at the end of every month is when they will go out to the bureau.
  • Direct:
    • Within US: No SASE required. You send me your card, I’ll send you mine. ¬†After all, it’s my hobby, I should be able to afford it.
    • Outside US: I will send you one of my cards without any postage or SAE required from you. I will help with postage if asked with DX stations since I know postage isn’t cheap in some countries.
  • eQSL: I will use eQSL but I much prefer a paper card since eQSL “cards” don’t count for DXCC credit. I’m “Authenticity Guaranteed”.
  • Logbook of the World: I upload my logs to LotW regularly when I’m actively on the air.
  • Logbook: I use the logbook so I’d appreciate it if you can confirm on QRZ if you use the site.

I do not use IRCs since the US Postal Service is no longer issuing them.

SWL reports are welcome! If you’d like a QSL card, please include the date, time, and frequency you heard me as well as the callsign of the other ham in our QSL for verification. No need to send a SASE; I’ll send you a QSL card direct even if you’re DX.

If you’ve sent me a QSL card and I’ve not responded, please let me know!